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Slewing Bearing

Slewing bearing is a special structure of large bearings that can simultaneously withstand large axial loads, radial loads, overturning moments, and other comprehensive loads, and integrates multiple functions such as support, rotation, transmission, and fixation.

Product Description

Slewing bearings play a critical role in equipment that requires controlled and smooth rotation under heavy loads. When selecting a slewing bearing, factors such as load requirements, operating conditions (including temperature and environmental factors), precision needs, and available space should be considered to ensure optimal performance and reliability. Regular maintenance, proper lubrication, and alignment are also essential to maximize the bearing's service life and performance.

Features of slewing bearings

Raceway Design: Slewing bearings consist of two main rings – an inner ring (also known as the "raceway") and an outer ring. The raceway design allows for smooth rolling motion between the rings.

Rolling Elements: Slewing bearings use rolling elements such as balls, rollers, or cylinders to facilitate rotational movement. The choice of rolling elements depends on the specific application requirements.

Axial and Radial Load Capacity: Slewing bearings are designed to handle both axial and radial loads, making them suitable for applications involving a combination of thrust and radial forces.

High Load-Carrying Capacity: Due to their large size and robust design, slewing bearings can carry substantial loads while ensuring stability and controlled rotation.

Rotational Precision: Slewing bearings are often designed for high precision, ensuring accurate positioning and smooth rotation.

Compact Design: Slewing bearings offer a compact solution for applications that require both axial and radial load support. This compactness is particularly advantageous in equipment with limited space.

Gear Integration: Some slewing bearings come with integrated gears or toothed raceways that allow for precise rotary motion, making them suitable for applications requiring controlled and synchronized rotation.

Multiple Uses: Slewing bearings are used in various industries, including construction, material handling, aerospace, renewable energy (wind turbines), and robotics, among others.

Single-Row and Double-Row Designs: Slewing bearings can be designed as single-row or double-row configurations. Double-row designs typically offer higher load capacity.

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